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Victim Protection Association "VPA"

If you are a victim or know someone who has suffered in a traffic accident or in any other accident in Latvia or abroad, as a result of which they have sustained physical and moral injuries, has become disabled or even lost their life, contact the Association for help.

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The association cooperates with companies that wish to ensure that, if necessary, their employees would be provided help in settlement of indemnity issues.

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  • Contact the Association by calling the helpline +371 20004172
  • Get free consulting
  • Find out what help is available to you
  • Use legal, psychological or other relevant assistance
  • Entrust Association with representing your interests with insurance companies and other authorities
  • Authorize the Association to represent you in legal proceedings
  • Listen to the recommendations of rehabilitation options

The insurer, who has provided the MTPL insurance policy, shall indemnify the victim for both material and non-material damage (moral harm).

The material damage to be indemnified for the victim are:

  • for medical expenses;
  • lost income due to temporary disability;
  • lost income due to incapacity of work.

The non-material damage to be indemnified for the victim is moral harm, related to the suffering and pain for:

  • bodily injury;
  • maiming or disability.

The material damage to be indemnified for the relatives of the deceased victim are:

  • lost income of the deceased person, which each dependent was due while the victim was alive;
  • burial expenses.

The non-material damage to be indemnified Bo for the relatives of the deceased victim is moral harm, related to the suffering and pain for:

  • death of the provider, dependent or spouse;
  • I group disability of the provider or the dependent.

European Union law requires Member States to establish equal guarantees for victims of traffic accidents, irrespective of their nationality and country of residence. However, at present the amount of insurance indemnity prescribed by the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia is disproportionately low and does not comply with the requirements of the European Union legislation. In addition, it has been observed in practice that very often victims (residents of Latvia) receive inadequate compensation from foreign insurance companies, as foreign insurers usually pay considerably higher insurance claims to their citizens in similar situations.

To be eligible for insurance indemnity, you must be familiar with the European Union insurance legislation as well as the national laws of the country where the traffic accident took place and insurance indemnity case practice.

The Association wants to ensure fair treatment of insurers and fair payment of insurance indemnity to each victim. We work to support every single victim and their loved ones so that everyone involved in the accident receives adequate insurance coverage for the loss and moral harm.

About association

The victim protection association “VPA” was established on May 23, 2018 as association of like-minded people who have gained extensive experience in their professional activities while solving matters related to assistance to victims of accidents and the damaged belongings and properties of these persons…


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