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Assistance provided to the victims

Several victims have already addressed the Victim Protection Association “VPA” for help. The story of each victim is different but they all have tragic and painful consequences. Representatives of the Association actively work to represent the interests of the victims both in Latvian and foreign insurance companies and in courts to ensure that the victims receive adequate insurance indemnity.

The entire family of the victim died

On December 21, 2012 the victim suffered in a road traffic accident, caused by the citizen of the Republic of Poland. The victim at the moment of the traffic accident was a 35 year old man with good education, job perspectives and established family life. But during the accident the victim had to witness as his entire life came crushing down in a moment, as his closest family members died – his wife and 3 year old daughter. Besides, the victim himself became disabled for life, which significantly affects and makes his daily life more difficult.

After a traffic accident (in 2014), the victim had received insurance indemnity for the material losses from the insurer of the responsible party. However, although several lawyers represented the interests of the victim in the aftermath of the traffic accident, the victim received partial insurance compensation for non-material damages (moral damages) in the amount of (EUR 996.02).

In September 2018, the victim turned to the Association for assistance and already in March 2019 received insurance indemnity from the insurer of the responsible party for non-material damages in the amount of EUR 27,462.56. However, this amount of insurance indemnity also does not correspond to the amount of insurance indemnity stipulated in European Union legal acts, therefore, the Association is currently suing the insurer of the responsible party on the behalf of the victim to obtain an adequate amount of insurance indemnity in accordance with the European Union law.


Tourists suffer while riding in a taxi

On October 20, 2018 in Poland, Warsaw, there was a road traffic accident where tourists (husband and wife) from Latvia suffered. At the time of the accident both tourists were in a taxi as passengers. As a result of the traffic accident the victims sustained medium severe bodily injuries and mental trauma. The victims were used to full, active life, regular travelling, mountain skiing in winter and visiting their children and grandchildren, who live in other countries. Although after the accident both victims received first emergency aid, as a result of the injuries they are still undergoing treatment and their health condition prevents them from fully enjoying life as they did before. The traffic accident also caused mental trauma to the victims.

The Association represents the interests of the victims in a Polish insurance association, so that the victims could obtain insurance compensation for non-material damages (moral damages), caused to them as a result of injuries sustained during the traffic accident.


A passenger suffers a crash and is left fighting for her life for a long time afterwards

In 2017 the victim while on her way from Netherlands suffered in a traffic accident in Germany and sustained severe life-threatening bodily injuries, which rendered her disabled for the rest of her life. After the traffic accident the victim survived only because of the professional actions of the German doctors, as no one gave much hope for her survival given such severe injuries.

The victim is a mother of three children who, on daily basis, is alone responsible for the upbringing and provision of children and has lived and worked abroad for several years. But the traffic accident fully changed the life of the victim. Since the traffic accident, the victim continues to undergo medical treatment and various surgeries, to fight for her life and health. In addition, due to health problems, the victim will no longer be able to return to the previous workplace in the Netherlands, where she was able to earn a living for herself and her children, and finding another job in Latvia will also be very problematic for her.

The Association represents the interests of the victim and the victim received an insurance indemnity from the insurance association for covering medical treatment expenses and partial indemnity - in the amount of EUR 19,228.00 for non-material damages (moral damages). However, the Association is currently representing the interests of the victim in legal proceedings that require the insurer to pay adequate compensation for non-material damages (moral damages), as well as losses, related to inability to work.


Truck driver risks his life to save others

Victim is a long-distance truck driver whose daily obligations include driving a truck both in European Union Member States and beyond. In 2018 the victim was driving the truck in Norway and drove off the road while trying to avoid collision with the oncoming passenger vehicle. The victim saved the lives of the vehicle passengers at the expense of his health as he sustained medium severe bodily injuries. The victim is still treating the sustained injuries and their effect will be felt for the rest of his life.

The Association represents the interests of the victim in obtaining from the Norwegian insurance association insurance coverance in accordance with Norwegian law for the losses sustained in the accident. 

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