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We are open to cooperation

Cooperation with enterpreneurs

The most important resource of every company is its employee, therefore the protection of every employee should be the priority of every company. Every employee will appreciate the employer’s willingness to help and support the employee when they have been harmed in a traffic accident. However, not all companies have management or employee who knows all types of insurance claims and the procedure of claiming them in Latvia and abroad. In cooperation with the Assocation, we will provide the company with the option to receive support for the protection of employees in the event of traffic accident, representing their interests.

With state and municipality authorities

Victims of traffic accidents tend to be disabled for all life. In these cases, victims usually seek social assistance from the state and municipal authorities, as they are often no longer able to work to provide for themselves and their daily needs. Unfortunately, victims themselves are often unaware of their entitlement to receive insurance claims, and of the insurer’s obligation to pay the victim monthly the damages related to incapability or loss of capacity to work.

In such cases, it is important that the victim learns of their rights as soon as possible and turn to the insurer responsible. In cooperation with state and municipality institutions, where the victims most frequently seek help, the victims have the opportunity to receive the information about the services provided by the Association and to turn to the Association for assistance.

Cooperation partners

Since 2018, the Association is a member of Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI). The Association cooperates with the National Rehabilitation Center “Vaivari”, who ensure, that its clients receive information about the services rendered by the Association when necessary. The Association is also ready for cooperation with other companies and institutions, so that as many victims as possible would be able to receive assistance from the Association.

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