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We help victims and their relatives

The Association unites representatives of several professions – lawyers, solicitors, medical practitioners, psychologists, etc., who, through joint professional knowledge, are able to provide both information consulting and practical assistance to anyone who has suffered physically or morally as a result of the accident.

There are professional doctors available at the Association, who can evaluate the trauma and health problems suffered by the victims for free and advise on the most appropriate treatment and types and the options of receiving it. Likewise, after consultation with the victim, the physician’s of the Association provide an statement on the state of health of the victim following the traffic accident, as well as prepare any other statements necessary to obtain insurance compensation.

Any accident causes not only physical trauma and pain to the victim, but also psychological distress. The traffic accident also causes severe emotional harm to relatives of the victims, especially in the case of the death of loved one. In those situations it is very important, that the victim or relative receives emotional support, therefore the psychologists of the Association will be ready to give professional help for free to overcome moral suffering and pain. When necessary the psychologist of the Association will conduct psychological research and prepare statements.

Anyone who has been injured in traffic accident, as well as their relatives have the right to receive insurance compensation from the insurer of the person responsible, for covering the losses and moral damages. However, claiming the insurance indemnity requires the knowledge about types of insurance claims, the procedure of applying for them and the documents to be submitted. Likewise, in the case of a traffic accident abroad, the legislation of that country should be known.

The insurance specialists of the Association will advise the victim and their relatives free of charge on the rights and possibilities of obtaining compensation of losses from the insurance company, taking into account the legislation and existing practices of each specific country.

Rights of the victim

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