Associations Goal

The goal of the Association is to provide support and professional help to residents of the Republic of Latvia who have suffered physically and/or mentally in road or other accidents in any of the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA).


Specialist consultations

The Association combines specialists from various fields – lawyers, psychologists, medical staff, experts, etc., who can evaluate each situation individually and offer victims:

  • Advice on the response after an accident;
  • Information on the types of medical aid and the possibilities to receive them;
  • Information on the rights of the injured party and the possibilities to receive a compensation from the perpetrator or the insurance company, taking into consideration the legislation and current practice of the specific country;
  • Information on compensation and types of insurance indemnities (damage to a vehicle or property, medical assistance, treatment and rehabilitation expenses, disability benefits, loss of ability to work, foregone revenue, moral compensation, etc.);
  • Psychological help.

Victims representation in court

If necessary, the lawyers of the Association ensure the representation of the victim in court, as well as provide other legal guidance.

Victims representation in assurance agencies

In order to claim and receive compensation from the insurer, the Association’s lawyers ensure representation of the victim by taking care of the insurance cases to receive insurance indemnities.

Advice on preparing and signing contracts

Representatives of the Association, if necessary, represent the interests of the victim in discussions with the perpetrators of the accident or insurance companies.